Psychic Act (fountain pen)

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain (fountain pen)

The Manticore (Oil pastels)

Mr. Black (Oil pastels on black board)

Puck (brushed inks)

Trying out ink brushes.

The Tin Man (inks & markers)

Of all the characters in the Wizard of Oz book, the Tin Man is my favorite. Despite Baum's attempts to exclude any darkness or monsters from his stories, the Tin Man is a character straight out of a gothic novel.

He used to be a man of flesh and blood, but he was in love with the servant girl of a witch, who did not want them to be married. So she cursed his axe when he was cutting trees so that it would slip and chop off one of his limbs. But he knew a tinsmith, and when a limb was removed he simply had the smith make him a new one. Soon he had replaced every part of his body, and there was nothing left of the original. But he could not replace his heart, and was unable to love the servant girl anymore so the witch won.

Picnic (colored pencil)

I got the idea for this picture after going to the zoo and seeing the tortoises.

Christmas Card (ink pens & colored pencil)

I got the idea for this song after listening to a song about birds talking to each other. I wanted to draw a bird, but how it would look if it was a person. I was thinking about doing pictures like this for other kinds of bird as well, but I haven't gotten around to it.

Desert (marker)

Dance (pencil & ink)

Here's a finished drawing I did from some gesture drawings that I sketched from a video of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing (waltz in swing time). It's not the most detailed or complicated drawing, and mostly I just did it because I'd enjoyed doing those sketches so much that I wanted to more with them. I might do something like this again sometime, just to see if I've improved.

The Winter Lady (marker & ink)

The Winter Prince (marker & ink)

Running (marker & ink)

An experiment in angles of view. The style is influencenced by the Umbrella Academy comics, but the character is one I came up with a while ago.

Lydia (ink pen)

Ophelia Frump (ink pen & pencil)

My favorite character from the Addams Family.

Gandalf The Wandering Wizard (ink pen & marker)

After reading the Hobbit, I decided to draw Gandalf as I picture him looking.

Queen Antionette (ink pen & marker)

Let them eat cake!

The Shadow (ink pen & marker)

A superhero. Herself, and her secret identity.

The Modern Wizard (ink pen & marker)

A halloween costume idea one of my friends had, that neither of us got to use. Inspired by Oz the Great and Terrible from The Wizard of Oz.

Halloween Window Monsters (ink pen & construction paper)

Goofy construction paper monsters for Halloween. I taped them in the window when I was done.

Mr. Cephalopod (ink pens)

Airport (markers)

A drawing I did of an airport, in an airport.

London Underground (ink pen)

London was very fun to visit, and their public transportation system is very cool. But if you aren't used to it, riding the London Underground can make you feel as though you are being suffocated. It was a feeling I haven't experienced enough to be able to really describe in words. So all I can do is show how it felt.

London Bus (marker)

When taking a vacation to London, I had the idea that I would draw the things I saw there, but I was much too busy, and too tired to do much. However, I was struck by the way that, when riding at the top of a bus, it felt like the whole thing was swaying. It was very exciting.

Tom Baker (pencil)

Flying Monkeys (markers)

When I was doing the Wizard of Oz Mural, I had some ideas I wanted to use for the flying monkeys, but I didn't think they would really fit with the mural's style. So I thought it would be fun to just give the flying monkeys their own picture after I finished.

Old Picture Found In Basement (pencil)

I found this recently, and thought I'd post it to show what my art style used to look like, and hopefully give you an idea of how I got to where I am now, by showing where I started.

The Other Shadow (pencil)

I wanted to draw a shadow that didn't have anything casting it, but in order to do so, I had to draw someone with an ordinary shadow or else it wouldn't get across. Clearly the ordinary person would be surprised to see this second shadow, but what would it be of? I tried a couple of positions and then realised that this picture was telling a story that I hadn't originally intended it to. So I ran with it and made the shadow something that would make the person look as terrified as I had drawn him.

Waking Nightmare (ink pen, marker, and pencil)

The Head (marker, ink pen, whiteout)

This picture is based on a weird dream I had. There was a person who met a strange, short adventurer, who told her about a conspiracy, and vanished mysteriously. The conspiracy tracked her down, and took her head off to record her memories so they could find evidence about the adventurer. But she was able to play back a noise that the adventure told her would disable the conspiracy robots. Then she got the scientist from the lab to put her brain into an android that was in the lab. I don't remember what happened next.

Tom Waits' Singapore (brush pen)

The lyrics of Tom Waits' song depicted visually to evoke the emotions of the song.

I like the look that I get with the brush pen, but I don't like not being able to erase things if I get them wrong. Especially since it is very hard (for me anyway) to get a medium color. Things are either much too light, or much too dark, and I need to stop using so many outlines. Still, I'm starting to get the hang of it, and in this drawing I only needed to use whitout in one area.

Gregor Vorbarra (marker and white paint)

Emperor Gregor Vorbarra from the Vorkosigan books.

Like most of the characters in the vorkosigan books, I had to look up Gregor to see if anyone had done any fanart of him. I was somewhat disapointed in the lack of results (although there were one or two), but I felt that I wanted to try my hand at doing a picture of the Barrayaran Emperor that matched up more closely with the way I imagined him.

Void (ink brushed)

Kemp Owen and the Enchanted Lady (oil pastels)

The balad Kemp Owen is about a young lady who was cursed by her wicked stepmother to take the shape of a dragon. The spell can only be broken by three kisses (specifically Kemp Owen's kisses, nobody else's would work). There are a couple of different versions, in some she has long hair that twists around a tree, in others she has fiery breath (which would make breaking the curse a bit more difficult). I tried to draw as many elements from the various versions as I could.

Kemp Owen is probably Sir Yvain from the Arthurian Legends, but this story doesn't seem to have any particular connection to them.

You can find several different versions of this balad on Youtube, but personally I reccomend the one by Fay Hield.

Dame Ragnell (ink pen)

Dame Ragnell from the balad "The Marriage of Sir Gawain."

The story goes that Gawain has married a woman cursed to be hideously ugly for half the time. She gives him a choice of whether she will be ugly by day, in the public eye, or by night, in bed. He says that only she has the right to choose, and so passes the test, and she is beautiful by day and by night.

Piranhas (paint on cloth)

A banner I gave to the the my swim team at the end of my last year on the team, featuring their mascot, the blue and orange piranha.

Maria (pencil)

A drawing of Maria and her evil robot duplicate from the 1927 movie Metropolis.

Taura (pencil and ink pen)

Here is a picture of Taura from the Vorkosigan books by Lois McMaster Bujold. This is the first of a pair: when you first meet her in labirynth, and later, once she's gained her freedom and confidence.

I wanted to get across how monsterous she would seem at first glance, especially if you ran into her in a dark basement, but also show how scared she was at the same time.

Taura (pencil and ink pen)

Here is a picture of Taura from the Vorkosigan books by Lois McMaster Bujold. This is the second of a pair: when you first meet her in labirynth, and later, once she's gained her freedom and confidence.

This isn't any of the outfits that are described in the books, although it is closest to the one described in Winterfair gifts, I wanted, however, to show her hair in a braid, as that is the way I picture her most of the time.

Puck (pencil and ink pen)

When I started this picture it was actually not supposed to be Puck, just a fawn or forest spirit. I was having trouble deciding what kind of character this is, then, for a completely unrelated reason, I went to look up different versions of the ending speech from a Midsummernight's Dream. Then I decided to make the character look more like I imagine Puck, although a bit more modern looking than I'd intended.. Ironically, though I started my wanting to draw "a fawn" I didn't actually draw his legs, or his horns, although they did stretch his hat out a bit.

I felt like the picture needed something in the background, so I decided to put Puck's speech, as I had been thinking about it recently.

Huldra (oil pastels)

Waffles (ink pens)

One of my friends was given a school assignment to make a meal plan for breakfast lunch snack and dinner. I asked him what his teacher had to say about it, but he says he never got any feedback.

Space Jazz (markers)

The Mighty Kraken (ink pens)

Dieselpunk octopus man.

Bring on the lightning (ink pen)

A picture I drew when it was storming a lot. Something about stormy weather always makes me feel invigorated, and I guess I was thinking of that when I drew the picture. I was also thinking about an idea I had for a story where people who have been struck by lightining develop super powers.

The title is a line of a song from the webcomic Girl Genius.

Young Vampire (markers)

I really enjoyed using markers to draw The Magenta Detective, and I thought it would be fun to do another character in the same style. I don't think it turned out quite as good, but it was fun to draw.

The Magenta Detective (markers)

I had a strange dream about a Detective with bright magenta skin. I don't remember what happened in the dream, but I liked the visual, so I decided to draw him.

The River (pencil)

Don't go to the river.

April Fool (colored pencil)

Superheroes (acrylic paints)

A picture of the superheroes The Plagerist, The Pink Slayer, and Slight of Hand, as well as several others. I drew this picture in acrylics, which I don't have a lot of practice with, and I'm still working out a method. The style for this picture comes from layering paint on top of other colors that aren't dry yet.

Lost (colored pencils & inks)

Pianist (ink pens)

Learning to Fly (acrylic paints)

I drew this for one of my classmates who asked if I could give her a picture to put on her dorm wall at college. I had no idea what to draw, but somehow managed to come up with this.

Poet (ink pens)

Sisters (ink pens & paint pen)

A pair of conjoined twins and their pet spider. Instead of the strange and eerie freakshow I originally intended it to be, these sisters look like something that would be embroidered on a tea towel.

Watchman (oil pastels)

Thunderer (oil pastels)

Golden Necklace (oil pastels)

Huntress (oil pastels)

Seafarer (oil pastels)

Doomed (oil pastels)

Warrior (oil pastels)

Giantess (oil pastels)

Keeper (oil pastels)

Trickster (oil pastels)

Wanderer (oil pastels)

Weaver(oil pastels)

Ice Cream Man (ink pens)

Tom Waits, as the ice cream man.

The Well of Knowledge (bottled inks & paint pen)

Four Horsemen (markers)

Medusa (oil pastels)

Honest Patch Perkins (markers)

Fanart for the P.G. Wodehouse book "The Return of Jeeves", or "Ring for Jeeves." The protagonist of the book has a secret identity as a bookie. The bookie disguise was too ridiculous not to draw.

Metropolis (pencil and inks)

A drawing I did after watching the movie Metropolis. We went and saw it projected on a movie theater-sized screen, with live music by the Alloy orchestra, and it was such an exciting experience that I had to try to capture the emotion and body language of the two Marias.

From the Deep (colored inks)

The Garden (colored pencils)

Luck be a Lady (colored inks)

That Old Black Magic (fountian pens)

Lady Death (markers)

A depection of death based on the story "Come Lady Death" by Peter S. Beagle.

Gothic Heroine (ink pens)

A silly little drawing making fun of gothic heroines and vampires. Inspired by some of Chris Riddell's Sleep of Reason cartoons.

The Plagerist (ink pens and colored pencils)

I was listening to a song called "The Plagerist" and I thought that would be a great name for a supervillian. I thought a bit about what a supervillian named The Plagerist would do, and I decided that he would steal the ideas right out of your head. This is a picture of him.

Pink Slayer (ink pens and colored pencils)

The Pink Slayer is technically a superhero, I had an idea for. She comes from the same world as the Plagerist, Ragdoll, Sanity, and Slight of Hand. But I still haven't decided what her power should be.

Ragdoll (ink pens and colored pencils)

A superhero with hair that moves of it's own accord. She is not flying, but actually walking with her hair.

Sanity (ink pens and colored pencils)

A mad supervillian. Her power lets her create poletergiest activity.

Slight of Hand (ink pens and colored pencils)

Slight of Hand has a superpower that needs a bit of explaining. The best way to do so is to use the "cat in a box" story. There is a cat in a box that is either alive or dead, but you don't know till you open the box. Well, Slight of Hand's power allows him to influence the "status" of whether the cat is alive as long as nobody knows for sure. He mostly uses this power to cheat at cards.

The Explorer (markers)

Shadow Dance (ink sponged)

This picture was an experiment with different techniques of ink. One of my goals was to draw a picture without using any kind of pen, brush, or conventional art tool. I wanted to see how a lack of detailed control would affect the outcome of the picture. I started by covering the areas that I wanted to leave white in tape. Then I sprayed the whole page with ink-water. After that I used a sponge and a piece of foam with ink on it to make marks on the paper. Then I took the tape off and continued with the sponge and foam.

Sunny Day (Colored pencil and ink pens)

I drew this for one of my friends, who asked for "a vampire and a werewolf." For some reason the first thing that popped into my head was to draw them both huddled under an umbrella. I like to draw pictures that poke fun at vampire weaknesses and powers, especially their inability to go in sunlight. I wanted it to be clear that it is a bright sunny day, or nobody would get the joke, but I didn't want to draw all of the background because I wanted the focus to be on the characters. It turned out that drawing half the background worked really well to get this across. I will definitly remeber this technique in the future.

Tarrentella Dancer (ink pens)

Tarrentella Player (ink pens)

The Detective (ink)

I got the idea for this picture after watching a lot of noir and detective movies. I wanted to draw a scene like you might see in a film noir, but with something unexpected about the picture.

And then I got the idea to draw a shadow on the wall which didn't match the person casting it. I wasn't sure at first, if the shadow or the person should out of place in a noir world, but eventually I decided that the shadow had to be a detective, and the person had to be someone who looks about as different from a noir detective as it is possible to be.

But at the same time, I wanted to also get across the idea that the girl in this picture might act, or at least think like a detective. The shadow being a representation of who she is, if not what she looks like.

Highwire Act (cattle markers)

This is a picture I drew as an experiment in my art class using a new kind of medium the art teacher suggested. They are called cattle markers, and are actually desgined for, as the name suggests, marking cattle. They are also, however, very good to draw with. They are similar to oil pastels, and to paint sticks, but were described by my teacher as being "goopier," meaning they smear more easily.

I don't have a lot of recurring characters in my drawings, but the cyborg unicyclist is one of my favorites. I came up with him after having some dream about a guy who was part bicycle. Only, I tried drawing that, and it looked off balance, and I thought a unicycle would work better.

The Tattooed Potato (colored pencil)

Rouletabille (charcoal)

For my art class I was doing a "prepared paper" drawing. Which just means that I had to draw on something wasn't just a regular blank white square of paper. I chose newspaper, and decided to put some footprints on it in the background.

But despite having a great idea for the paper, I really didn't know what to put on it. My only idea was that I should have some sort of detective, because, newspaper and footprints sugest a mystery to be solved. And that's when I thought of Rouletabille, who is my favorite fictional detective. Not only is he a great character, he's also a journalist which works perfectly with the newspaper background, and makes it all fit together nicely.

Mr. Strange's Magic Show (ink pens)

I drew this picture for an art contest, the theme being "mystical circuses." Now "mystical circuses" is a bit vague, but in my mind that means sideshow magic acts. I had a vague idea that I was going to try to draw the "sawing somebody in half trick" but since that's a pretty well known trick I wanted to add something original and spooky to the story. I also wanted the picture to be pretty strange and surreal, as I had recently finished watching the Cabinet of Dr. Caligori, and was influenced by its art style.

Last Tuesday I was Searching in my Closet for a Pair of Shoes and This is What I Saw. (charcoal and chalk pastels)

This picture has an altogether too long title.

Myrna Loy (pencil)

William Powell (pencil)

Tango Till They're Sore (ink pens)

This picture was inspired by the song Tango Till They're Sore, by Tom Waits. I tried to put things from the song in the picture:

"Let me fall out of the window with confetti in my hair"

"they tango 'til they're sore,"

"Put my clarinet beneath your bed till I get back in town,"

"Will you send me off to bed for evermore?"

"Deal out Jacks or Better on a blanket by the stairs,"

"They take apart their nightmares and they leave them by the door."

but I didn't manage to get all of them in it. The train is not actually in the song, but "send me off to another town" is, so I guess that sort of works, and I felt like there should be a train. Because even more than drawing the things in the song, I wanted to get across the feeling of the song in my picture.

Mad Scientist (screenprint)

This one perhaps one of the hardest screenprints to get right. This is because of the white ink. Most of the ink I work is about as thick as, say, Elmer's Glue. The white ink, however, is about the consistency of melted marshmello. Consequently it kept clogging the screen, making it impossible to print any white ink after the second print. Well, eventually I had some white ink that I thought I could work with. It still wasn't great but it wasn't as old as the other kind, and worked okay. But by that point, the place I was screenprinting at had no yellow. I was about to give up then, but my Mom came up with the idea of using yellow paper instead of trying to get yellow. So I did.

Another Strange Case (fountain pen)

Calcifer's Saucepan Song(pencil)

In the book Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones Calcifer the Fire Demon is described in one scene as singing a "singing a gentle, flickering little song. It was not in any language Sophie knew- or she thought not, until she distinctly heard the word 'saucepan'" I was curious about this song, so I looked up "Calcifer's Saucepan Song" to see if it is a real song or not. It is. It is a Welsh folk song called Sosban Fach. If you are interested in listening to it, there are a lot of versions on Youtube. I recommend the one by Cerys Matthews.

The Quest (graphite)

Down in the Swamps (colored pencil)

The Musesum of impossible things (colored pencil)