Cute Magnets

oven-bake clay

I made these to send to my friends during quarentine. They were really fun to do.

Dragon Rider



Peppermint Hellboy


So, I had a peppermint cake for my birthday. . .

Alien Head

sclupey clay figure

This head is about 2 inches tall. To make it I used white clay to make the basic shape, and covered it with a thin layer of flattened clay in the colors I wanted. Then I went in and added more colored clay for the details, and added lines using a ceramic sculpting tool.

Psychonauts Cake


Razputin from Psychonauts. This one was really fun to decorate because it has such bright colors. It was actually surprisingly easy to caputre Raz's silhouette and it turned out so well that I was almost sorry when we ate it.

Firefly Cake


For my dad's birthday I decorated this cake with all the firefly characters. It was really fun figuring out how to get across each character's look in about an inch of frosting space. When I was finished, I still had some space left, and it was my mom's great idea to put in the firefly logo. I am really pleased with how well it came out, and how well each character came across.

Valentines day


My Mom's birthday is Valentine's Day. She gets a lot of heart shaped cakes.


Polka's Not Dead


This is a cake decorated to look like the album cover for "Polka's Not Dead" by the Dreadnoughts. The Dreadnoughts are a folk punk band that also do sea shanties, songs about World War One, and polka.

White Lady


Count Orlok


A halloween pumpkin decorated to look like Count Orlock from the film Nosferatu.


digital model

Mr. Snaketongue

ceramic model

A ceramic I did for art class. The snake coming out of his mouth was the trickiest bit, as it kept breaking, but eventually I managed to get it to work.

2017 and before

Icy Flowers (cake)

Toothy Flowers



ceramic model

The Cake Has Eyes


Hobbit Hole


A cake I made for my Mom's birthday. I baked the cake in a mixing bowl to make the round shape. Then frosted it and added candies for the borders and chiminey. I felt like I needed a way to display it, though, so I stuck it on a green cutting board and added some frosting bushes and a licorice path.