The Lonely Gargoyle

A sad gargoyle that I drew when I was in a bad mood.

Mr. Cephalopod (ink pens)

Tom Baker (pencil)

Black And White Movie

From left to right: Humphrey Bogart, Count Orlok, Buster Keaton, Robot Maria from Metropolis, Cesare from The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn from Bringing up Baby.

Kemp Owen and the Enchanted Lady (oil pastels)

The balad Kemp Owen is about a young lady who was cursed by her wicked stepmother to take the shape of a dragon. The spell can only be broken by three kisses (specifically Kemp Owen's kisses, nobody else's would work). There are a couple of different versions, in some she has long hair that twists around a tree, in others she has fiery breath (which would make breaking the curse a bit more difficult). I tried to draw as many elements from the various versions as I could.

Kemp Owen is probably Sir Yvain from the Arthurian Legends, but this story doesn't seem to have any particular connection to them.

You can find several different versions of this balad on Youtube, but personally I reccomend the one by Fay Hield.

Maria (pencil)

A drawing of Maria and her evil robot duplicate from the 1927 movie Metropolis.

Psychonauts (cake)

Razputin from Psychonauts on a cake. This one was really fun to decorate because it has such bright colors. It was actually surprisingly easy to caputre Raz's silhouette and it turned out so well that I was almost sorry when we ate it.

Huldra (oil pastels)

Space Jazz (markers)

Firefly (cake)

For my dad's birthday I decorated this cake with all the firefly characters. It was really fun to figure out how to get across each character's look in about an inch of frosting space. When I was finished, I still had some space left, and it was my mom's great idea to put in the firefly logo. I am really pleased with how well it came out, and how well each character came across.

Alligator Gasmask

This is I picture I drew for my dad's birthday. I've been asked a couple of times what the story is. But, to be honest, I didn't have one in mind when I drew it. I'm as curious as everybody else about what's in the suitcase. . .

The Magenta Detective (markers)

I had a strange dream about a Detective with bright magenta skin. I don't remember what happened in the dream, but I liked the visual, so I decided to draw him.

The River (pencil)

Don't go to the river.

Eavesdropper (digital)

Scarred Lips (oil pastels)

A trickster.

One Eye (oil pastels)

A wanderer.

Rouletabille (charcoal)

For my art class I was doing a "prepared paper" drawing. Which just means that I had to draw on something wasn't just a regular blank white square of paper. I chose newspaper, and decided to put some footprints on it in the background.

But despite having a great idea for the paper, I really didn't know what to put on it. My only idea was that I should have some sort of detective, because, newspaper and footprints sugest a mystery to be solved. And that's when I thought of Rouletabille, who is my favorite fictional detective. Not only is he a great character, he's also a journalist which works perfectly with the newspaper background, and makes it all fit together nicely.

Metropolis (pencil and inks)

A drawing I did after watching the movie Metropolis. We went and saw it projected on a movie theater-sized screen, with live music by the Alloy orchestra, and it was such an exciting experience that I had to try to capture the emotion and body language of the two Marias.

Thunderer (oil pastels)

Luck be a Lady (colored inks)

Half Face (oil pastels)

The keeper of the dead.

Giantess (oil pastels)

The Explorer (markers)

Shoe (digital)

This is a picture I did to practice drawing everyday household objects from life. Previously I'd drawn only objects with simple shapes, such as a marble, or a box, but I wanted to have some practice with something a little bit more complicated. I was looking around when I happened to notice my old tennis shoe, and it was exactly what I needed.

That Old Black Magic (fountian pens)

Gloom (digital)

I drew this picture for halloween in 2017, but it remains one of my favorites. This was, I think, the first picture I've done where shading and lighting just really clicked for me. All of the sudden it felt like I understood how to use them, and it was so much easier than it had been up until that point.

Sunny Day (Colored pencil and ink pens)

I drew this for one of my friends, who asked for "a vampire and a werewolf." For some reason the first thing that popped into my head was to draw them both huddled under an umbrella. I wanted it to be clear that it is a bright sunny day, or nobody would get the joke, but I didn't want to draw all of the background because I wanted the focus to be on the characters. It turned out that drawing half the background worked really well to get this across. I will definitly remeber this technique in the future.

Highwire Act (cattle markers)

This is a picture I drew as an experiment in my art class using a new kind of medium the art teacher suggested. They are called cattle markers, and are desgined for, as the name suggests, marking cattle. They are also, very good to draw with. They are similar to oil pastels, but were described by my teacher as being "goopier," meaning they smear more easily.
I don't have a lot of recurring characters in my drawings, but the cyborg unicyclist is one of my favorites. I came up with him after having a dream about a guy who was part bicycle. Only, when I tried drawing that it looked off balance, I thought a unicycle would work better.

"Polka's Not Dead" Cake

This is a cake decorated to look like the album cover for "Polka's Not Dead" by the Dreadnoughts. The Dreadnoughts are a folk punk band that also do sea shanties, songs about World War One, and polka.

Shadow Dance (ink sponged)

This picture was an experiment with different techniques of ink. One of my goals was to draw a picture without using any kind of pen, brush, or conventional art tool. I wanted to see how a lack of detailed control would affect the outcome of the picture. I started by covering the areas that I wanted to leave white in tape. Then I sprayed the whole page with ink-water. After that I used a sponge and a piece of foam with ink on it to make marks on the paper. Then I took the tape off and continued with the sponge and foam.

Singin' in the Sun (digital)

I am not entirely sure where I got the idea to draw a vampire singing in the sun. But I had the idea for about a year before I actually got around to drawing the picture. I tried to draw it a couple of times before this one, but just never got anywhere. I am not sure why I finished the picture this time, maybe because I used the original as reference.

The Plagerist (ink pens and colored pencils)

I was listening to a song called "The Plagerist" and I thought that would be a great name for a supervillian. I thought a bit about what a supervillian named The Plagerist would do, and I decided that he would steal the ideas right out of your head. This is a picture of him.

Pink Slayer (ink pens and colored pencils)

The Pink Slayer is technically a superhero, I had an idea for. She comes from the same world as the Plagerist, Ragdoll, Sanity, and Slight of Hand. But I still haven't decided what her power should be.

The Musesum of impossible things (colored pencil)