The Lame Fox

There is a fairy tale called The Lame Fox, also the Weeping and Laughing Eye. It is about three brothers who go out to get their father's magic grape vine. The first two brothers are good-for-nothings, but the youngest brother, although he is not as smart as the other two, is brave and kind.

While the first two brothers throw rocks at a lame fox they meet along the road, the third brother feeds her, and she tells him how he is to get the magic vine. Along the way, because of the lad's foolishness he has to get other magic items as well, and, so that he might keep them, she turns herself into their shapes so as to fool the greedy kings who lay claim to them. But of course, there is always a part of them that remains a fox, and when she is found out, runs back to the lad.

At the end of the story, the curse on her is broken, and she is able to assume her true form, that of a young maiden.

The Stanhopes are a Bunch of Cats

This is a picture of the Stanhope family (or some of them anyway) from the book Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope. They aren't exactly the villians of the book, but are certainly not the heroes. They are also really fun to draw, and have been described in enough detail in the story that I really wanted to do a picture of them all together.

The Lonely Gargoyle

A sad gargoyle that I drew when I was in a bad mood.


Drawing a vampire slayer was so fun, I had to do a vampire to go with her.

Vampire Slayer

I went Halloween Shopping with my friends at goodwill the other day. We were discussing what sort of clothes you would need for a vampire slayer costume (none of us were actually being a vampire slayer), while searching, we found a half shirt with a cross on it, a black hat with some black ribbons on it, and some pointy high heeled shoes. But, since nobody was going to be a vampire slayer for Halloween, I decided to just draw a picture of what the costume ought to look like.

Mr. Green

Not exactly Sir Gawain's Green Knight, but definitly inspired by the story. Also various ghost stories and the Irish dullahan, not forgetting the headless horseman.

Panther Head

This was a drawing that I did to practice drawing objects by looking at them. I wanted to draw something that was a fairly complicated shape, but without too many tiny details. After poking around my room for a bit I found this panther head book-end.

I took a picture of the actual thing so you can compare (top corner). But for some reason the colors look much brighter in the picture than real life, despite the fact that I had it in the same place, with the same lighting, and I didn't use flash. But it's good enough you can get an idea.

Across The Screen

What if you could step into a movie?

Black And White Movie

From left to right: Humphrey Bogart, Count Orlok, Buster Keaton, Robot Maria from Metropolis, Cesare from The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn from Bringing up Baby.

Octavius and Phobia

Characters from a comic I'm planning to make (if all goes well).


A couple of superheroes (actually one is an antihero). One can turn into a shadow, the other steals the ideas from your mind.


My first drawing with the program Krita.

The Bogeyman

Yes, it is the Magenta Detective. Yes this is all based on a weird dream I had.

Mark's Mental Monsters

This is a little cartoon for the character Mark from Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan series. It shows the Black Gang, a quartet of monsters that represent the darkest parts of Mark's psychology. The Black Gang are Grunt (tallest) Howl (crouching) Gorge (shortest) and Killer (far left). In the second pannel we see the Black Gang when Kareen Koudelka walks into the picture, with her acting as a sort of metaphorical anchor for Mark, and showing his monsters in a new light.

House of Many Faces

Alligator Gasmask

This is I picture I drew for my dad's birthday. I've been asked a couple of times what the story is. But, to be honest, I didn't have one in mind when I drew it. I'm as curious as everybody else about what's in the suitcase. . .

The King of War

The Queen of War

The Queen of War is the fourth card I've done in my riders of the apocalypse series. It is the first in the suit of war.

The Jack of Death

The first in a series of playing cards I am drawing. The theme is Riders of the Apocalypse in a "southern gothic" style. I am also trying, with the colors, to evoke the style of classic playing cards, without actually duplicating it.

The Queen of Death

The King of Death

The Sharing Knife

Fawn and Dag from the Sharing Knife by Lois McMaster Bujold.

9 Tail Fox

Here's a fanart drawing I did for the book 9 Tail Fox by John Courtenay Grimwood.

The story is about a policeman who is killed and meets a nine tailed fox. After the meeting he wakes up in the body of a man who's been in a coma for the last 20 or so years. He then goes to his hometown to investigate his own murder.

A lot of this picture is not to be taken literally. For example, the coffin as described in the story is not open, and even if the body was visible, he would probabally not be dressed in casual clothes. Neither is he wearing suit on when he wakes from the coma. But for the rest of the book that is how the character is described and I wanted to inclued that in my picture. The roses in the top of the picture are not featured in the story at all, but I used them to represent the gunshot wound.

RPG slayers

Here's a drawing I did of the party from the roleplaying game I'm running. They are vampire slayers with various abilities. From left to right they are: En the crazy sorcerer whose hand is possessed by a ghost, Jimmy The Shrimp (first name Jimmy middle name The last name Shrimp) the hard boiled detective, William the chess-playing super tank, and Jacoline the actress turned vampire slayer with a glowstick sword.


Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire

This is a piece of fanart for the Neil Gamain short story of that, rather long, name. This might actually be my favorite of his short stories, although I don't exactly know why.

After reading this story I felt that I needed to somehow convey the moment of consideration when the protaganist considers the raven's advice. I admit to spending very little time on anything else in this picture other than the protaganist's expression, but for what it is, I am very satisifed.

The Lady

Octavius and Ellen Character Designs

These are some character designs for a story I had an idea for, about Octavius Strange and his great aunt Ellen (a head in a jar), and their adventures solving mysteries. From left to right there is: Octavius, Ellen, Octavius' undead great uncle Ebenezer, Octavius' fiancee Phobia, the master criminal Redacted, detective Lockholm Sher, and Bunny (the sidekick of both criminal and detective).

Vampire Braces

Kris Kringle Dangerous Revolutionary

Homeward Bounders

This picture is based off of by the book, by Diana Wynne Jones. The story is about a twelve-year-old boy named Jamie who is exiled by the beings known only as Them to eternaly travel from world to world until he can find his home.

Instead of depecting a particular scene from the book I tried to represent the overall story by showing the worlds he travels over, and representing time passing with a clock.


This is a picture I did to practice drawing everyday household objects from life. Previously I'd drawn only objects with simple shapes, such as a marble, or a box, but I wanted to have some practice with something a little bit more complicated. I was looking around when I happened to notice my old tennis shoe, and it was exactly what I needed.

Mr. Skellie

Strange Streets

I drew this picture when I was listening to the soundtrack for the City of Lost Children. The color scheme, at least, is certainly inspired by that movie.

When I started this picture I had very little idea as to what it was going to be of. I knew there was going to be a lady in an alleyway with her back turned to the viewer. I knew she would have a red hat, and I knew that I wanted to give the picture an eerie, distorted perspective. But when I started the picture, I was still playing around with the idea that she might have her head turned to look at the viewer, or that she might have a skull for a face.

Penric and Desdemona

My interpretation of Penric and his demon Desdemona from the novella Penric's Demon by Lois McMaster Bujold.

The Wizard of Dendarii

A parody of the Wizard of Oz featuring the characters from the book The Warrior's Apprentice by Lois Mc Master Bujold. (If you haven't read the book and intend to do so, you may not want to read this description, as it does contain spoliers.)

It started with a conversation I was having with my Mom about the book, when I happened to mention that Baz reminded me of the cowardly lion, because he was looking for his courage. My Mom then asked what Arde Mayhew would be, and I said "the scarecrow of course" because he needed a way to use the implant in his brain. I went on to explain that Bothari was the tin man because he'd lost his heart (and his humanity). And that Elena was Dorothy because she was looking for a home (albiet not the one she started with).

At this point I was at a loss, because I couldn't think who Miles could possibly be, and I said so. My Mom, however, had the perfect answer, "Miles is the wizard," she said. And I couldn't see why I hadn't thought of it. After all, Oz is able to convince an entire city that he is a powerful wizard, when he is really nothing of the sort. And if that doesn't sound like Miles I don't know what does.

The Wall and the Wing

This is a picture of Gurl and Bug from the book The Wall and the Wing by Laura Ruby, about a girl who can turn invisible and a boy who can fly.

Granny Ghost Rider

I drew this after watching season four of Agents of Shield. I was amused by the idea that Ghost Rider can pass on his powers to anyone. After all, who can say that this wouldn't happen.


I drew this picture for halloween in 2017, but it remains one of my favorites. This was, I think, the first picture I've done where shading and lighting just really clicked for me. All of the sudden it felt like I understood how to use them, and it was so much easier than it had been up until that point.

Miles Naismith Vorkosigan

Miles from the Vorkosigan series by Lois McMaster Bujold.

Moth Man and Butterfly Woman

The Adventures of Lockholm Sher

I had a few ideas for a story floating around in my head when I drew this story, and I felt like drawing them was the best way to get them down. I knew that I wanted to draw a spooky cartoon detective, and that I wanted him to look like a bizzare parody of Sherlock Holmes (hence Lockholm Sher). And then we come to deerstalker hats, which is where I got the idea for this character. Deerstalker hats have two brims, and you can never tell which one is the front. So I thought, what if you have a detective with two faces, one for each brim? And then I had this really strong mental image of a blue and purple detective, with a head that rotates when he changes his expression.

Mr Twistedwire and Aunt Ellen

The Freaks

Regency Thieves

Singin' in the Sun

I am not entirely sure where I got the idea to draw a vampire singing in the sun. But I had the idea for about a year before I actually got around to drawing the picture. I tried to draw it a couple of times before this one, but just never got anywhere. I am not sure why I finished the picture this time, maybe because I used the original as reference.

Lupe dy Cazaril

I drew this after reading the book Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold. It probably won't make a lot of sense if you haven't read the book, but I'll try to explain it. In the story the protaganist, Caz, is inhabited by a demon (in the form of a tumor in his stomach), he would normally have died from summoning it, but was kept alive by the gods who need him. Others who have been "godtouched" can recognise this, and it appears to them as a blinding light. The light also attracts crows.

Mad Scientist

I drew this picture to screenprint (you can see the printed version in the paper drawings section). However, I wanted to try and see what it would look like in some of the colors I didn't have inks for.

The Archwizard and the Darklord

Here are some character sketches for a story I had an idea for. The story would be (if I were to do anything with it) about the newly appointed Archwizard, who, upon taking up the position, has just moved into the Archwizard's House, a sentient mansion in the center of the city.

The story is about how he meets the Darklord, ruler of the city. The Darklord is in reality just an ordinary person, who, due to the disapearence of the real Darklord, her father, has taken up his armor, and, as the Darklord is never seen without it, nobody is the wiser.




J. Frost

The Ship of Kansas

For Christmas the Haysville City had put up a lot of Christmas decorations, including a lighthouse. I found this strange, because lighthouses are not generally assocaited with christmas, and there aren't any ships in Kansas. Or are there. . .


The earliest version of one of my recurring characters. He also shows up in the picture "Highwire Act."



Weresarcosuchus 2